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Spirit of Memphis Cafe Noel
Price $12.49
Price $12.49
Spirit Of Memphis | J Brooks Coffee | Memphis TN Cafe Noel | J Brooks Coffee | Memphis TN


This blend has a well-rounded body with traces of sweetness, and like its namesake, serves a diverse group of people. Do you have that Elvis Presley style and flair? Or maybe the raw soul of B.B. King? Regardless, for those with the soul and energy of the Delta, the Spirit of Memphis offers a smooth cup.

The Spirit of Memphis drinker's theme song:

"I'm walking with my feet, ten feet off of Beale. The Spirit of Memphis helps me feel the way I feel."


Tis the season! J. Brooks is pleased to bring you our signature Christmas blend, Cafe Noel. Along with the spirit of Christmas, this is sure to warm you all winter long. Enjoy a bag for yourself, or spread the joy of Christmas with this special gift.

Cafe Noel invites you to:

"Warm up with friends, and coffee."

True North
Price $11.99
True North | J Brooks Coffee | Memphis TN


This smooth, classically-balanced blend is a perfectly-roasted combination of Central and South American coffees. As our signature blend, True North offers a little something for everyone. Have some confidence in your cup. Whether you're an expert coffee drinker or just looking for a good place to start, head for True North.

The wisdom of a True North drinker:

"Balance in life is important. Balance in coffee is delicious."

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J. Brooks Coffee Roasters was founded in 2010 by coffee lovers who couldn't stay out of the business. With over a decade of experience producing artisan coffees, we've melded our passion and potential to create J. Brooks. Our goal is simple--to bring you the best coffee, period.

We believe that everyone has their own Roastinality. Which best fits you? Our coffees are labeled as Light & Easy, Medium & Smooth, or Dark & Bold. What is a Roastinality? Well, we think that the coffee you drink says a lot about who you are. The varieties of taste we offer are as diverse as our customers, and we're dedicated to helping you find the right coffee for you. Find out more about our roasts, processes and coffees to help discover your Roastinality.