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How to make the perfect Americano

Before considering how to craft the perfect Americano, let’s discuss the history of the Americano. The term “Americano” hasn’t been around for very long, about 40 years, but the drink itself has been. Some believe it came about during World War II when American soldiers diluted the espresso in Italy to make it more like the coffee they were used to. While we don’t have hard evidence of this, it’s a nice story to tell around the coffee shop table. If you’re wanting a coffee house style Americano, here are the steps to take.</p>

The Ingredients-

Water and espresso. Not too difficult, right? You’ll want to start with fresh espresso beans, like our Espresso blend, that have just been finely ground. Americanos do not have milk in them. Adding milk would make it a latte. Sugar can be added if you need it to be sweet. </p>

The Technique-Make sure you grind your beans fresh. Tamp the grounds in the puck and pull the shot. Make sure you use equal parts water to equal parts espresso. This will keep the espresso from becoming weak. For extra kick, you can add another espresso shot. Simply pour the espresso shot into the mug of hot water. You can heat your mug beforehand with hot water and then replace it with fresh hot water before you add your shot.

This sounds doable, doesn’t it? Ready to make one for yourself and a friend? Whether you like decaf or regular, we’ve got the beans for you!