Nitro Coffee In Memphis

Nitro Coffee is one of the newest and most refreshing ways to drink coffee. With its Guinness beer look and velvety feel, its popularity is no surprise. Before you order a glass, here are some facts you may find helpful.


What is Nitro Coffee?

This isn’t your typical cold coffee beverage. Nitro coffee is cold brewed and never heated. It’s infused with nitrogen to give it a smooth, slightly carbonated consistency. Nitrogen is tasteless so it doesn’t change the coffee’s taste, just the texture.

How is it served?

Straight from the tap. The tap pour is what gives nitro coffee its cool factor. It’s always served cold but never with ice. When poured from the tap, it has a dark, creamy and stout look much like a Guinness beer. It definitely looks and tastes different than you'd expect.

Who will love it?

Any devoted coffee drinker will go nuts over this jewel of a drink, and it's even been known to convert a few non-coffee drinkers as well! Even if you typically add cream and sugar to your brew, you owe it to yourself to try it at least once. This is not a regular cup of coffee!

What makes the difference between a bland nitro & a rich, robust & flavorful nitro?

As with any other coffee drink, the quality of the beans and the skill of the roaster make all the difference. The enjoyment factor is guaranteed with specialty grade, artisan roasted J. Brooks' nitro.


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