J. Brooks was founded in 2010 by coffee lovers who believe that coffee can be more than a drink--it can create community. Because of that, the company was founded and based out of Memphis, TN, to serve the greater Memphis area. J. Brooks is a tight-knit company, where quality is important. We have our own roaster, online store, and delivery--all of which are focused on bringing you the perfect cup of coffee.

At J. Brooks, we firmly hold the belief that coffee can be as diverse as people. We strive to find the best possible roast, blend and flavor combinations that give you a taste that’s as unique as you are. And while every coffee is unique, they’re all connected. Because of this, we don’t just want to bring you good coffee. We want to help you find a coffee that fits you, and bring coffee lovers into a community as rich and diverse as our products.

To do that, we've offered suggestions for coffees that fit different personalities. This, of course, isn't a hard and fast rule--you're always going to like what tastes best to you--but since each coffee is so unique, we want you to find a coffee whose personality matches yours. At J. Brooks, we call it your Roastinality.

So, what’s your Roastinality?